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Who is the Mike Pedroli Show?

Mike Pedroli & Leo Sacco

In June of 2019 we started this up podcast. Each week we’ve been recording episodes debating everything happening in the sports world. Now we are taking our talents to the keyboard. Besides recording our weekly episodes, we’ll be writing blogs! Everything you need to know about The Mike Pedroli Show, you can find here. Stay tuned sports heads.

The Hosts

Host, Mike Pedroli has been following sports his entire life. Nothing brings him to a television faster than his favorite organizations, the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Bruins. Fantasy football is one of his absolute favorites and dedicates hours upon hours to it each and every season. Mikey will write about other sports such as men’s college basketball, major golf tournaments, and the biggest UFC and boxing events. Before reading his articles you have to understand that he won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but he will always tell you what you need to hear.

Co-host, Leo Sacco loves sports. Some believe this is all he thinks about, which could be true. He mostly focuses on football and basketball, though. His favorite teams are the Miami Dolphins and Boston Celtics. If you bring up anything negative about the Dolphins, he’ll just throw the 1972 undefeated team right in your face. You’ve been warned. Leo will be writing mostly about the NFL landscape, along with his specialty; fantasy football. He has multiple fantasy championships under his belt, giving him great credibility.

Blog Contributors

Brennan Murphy: Like his friends at The Mike Pedroli Show, Brennan’s life revolves around sports. The four major Boston sports teams are his passion and expertise. Like a typical Bostonian, he calls into 98.5 The Sports Hub frequently. However, Brennan will delve into anything and everything that the sports world has to offer. He will be writing mostly about the Patriots, the Boston teams, and their respective leagues. He will also mix in some fun side topics from a casual fan’s perspective, such as Golf and Boxing/UFC.

Alex Luccini: Currently a student at Hopedale High School. Alex is a two sport athlete, playing baseball and basketball, and hopes to continue playing baseball in college. He grew up in a sports family where his father and brother (The famous Noah Luccini) both played college sports. Alex has been watching Boston sports for his entire life, and recently invested all his time in college basketball and football, which he’ll be focusing on in his blogs. Fun fact: His favorite sports moments are the 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup incredible run, and the NFL’s biggest Super Bowl moment; the game sealing interception by Malcolm Butler’s interception in XLIX.

Latest Blogs

Leo Sacco’s Way Too Early 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings

Yes, I understand it’s way too early to start ranking players. But I can’t help myself. I’m quarantined, bored, and just need some sports in my life. Anyways, this blog is for the hardcore fantasy footballers. The people who eat, sleep, and football. The people who are watching a random 2019, week 3 game onContinue reading “Leo Sacco’s Way Too Early 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings”

Tua Is The Answer

By Leo Sacco The major topic heading into the 2020 NFL Draft is quarterback, Tua Tagovalioa. The left handed, Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback had a stellar college career. Tua made his presence known on college football’s biggest stage. In the 2017 National Championship game verse Clemson, the true freshman came in for a struggling JalenContinue reading “Tua Is The Answer”

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